We invite you to share these precious Photos & Comments about our Puppies from their “ new” Families. We are very fortunate to be included in thoughtful updates and enjoy the happiness they feel in their hearts and show in their kind words. We have found many New Friends over the years and always smile when we look at them again and again.

Joy Thomas




Daisy, Mini Aussie 
Owned by Henley Family

Hi Joy,

Wanted to share our pure delight!  This doggie is just great. She comes to work with us of course! We all love her.  She is growing.  Now weighs 20 lbs.  She is walking with me, she sits, shakes, downs and rolls over and plays fetch for hours!   We will work more on down stay as she matures. She is fine in her crate at night as well. Her markings are perfect, she is PERFECT!! 

Thank you for referring us to Don at Dog World.  They took great care of her while we were on vacation.

She is featured on our web site now

Her photo is on our WATCHES page. 

Let us know when you get more Aussies.  We will come by to LOOK!!  And always good to know where they are available.  People always ask.  There was a couple in your store when I stopped to visit.  They saw Daisy and the lady said, "I want THAT dog"  Your gal said you'd have some in 7 weeks.  I said it would be well worth the wait.  Hope that worked out.


 Duke, Mini Aussie
Owned by Leah Akin

MOLLY, Mini Schnauzer
Owned by Reynolds Family

Havanese, Romeo
Owned by Fanny and Ben Kunes
St. Louis, MO   

 MONTE, Shih Tzu
Owned by RON DUNN

MOLLY, Mini Schnauzer
Owned by Reynolds Family

Dear Joy,

Hope all is well with you and your family.  Attached is a picture of Teddy (formerly Taffy). He turned 1 year old yesterday.

Teddy is a true joy and I am so happy I found him at Thomas Kennel. He loves New York City, has lots of friends at daycare and in our building. Teddy is so smart, fun and loving! I can't imagine what it was like before he came to me. 

Have a wonderful summer.

All my best,

Susan Delmonico
Teddy (Maltipoo)

Stanley, Mini Schnauzer
1 Year Old!!  Kansas City, Owned by Bradly Bruce

Pilgrim, Chihuahua
Owned by Lois and Steve Libhart
Nixa, MO

Havanese, Bandito
Owned by Britney Loggains, Kansas City, MO

Gucci, Morkie
Owned by Paige Kolb

Just a note to tell you how much Bentley has come to mean to us. He is sweet, sassy, lovable, and oh so very smart.
In his puppy training class he is always the first dog to do what the trainer is asking, in fact he is the smallest dog but as the trainer says"all right all of you big guys, watch the littlest one because he is doing just what he should be doing" I'm not proud (ha ha) but she says he is the smartest dog there, and has asked us to consider having him become a service dog to the elderly, because he just loves all people and dogs and is so sweet and smart. He picks up on anything asked of him after the second time and remembers it.
Benley is only six months old but he knows: sit, down, stay, wait, rollover, dance and to touch an object when asked.
He has been potty trained for a long time now. He just goes to the door and rings the bell when he wants to go out. What really worked was to use lavender oil, I used several drops in a spray bottle of water and sprayed his bedding and all of the carpeting and put some on him, that way the whole house smelled like him and he did not want to potty in his big (the whole house) den!
He has a regular play date each week with his little girlfriend Heidi, the picture is of them taking a break together.
The oils that I use on him are from Young Living essential oils. I use peace and calming and valor and that has taken care of the separation anxiety that he used to have.
I would love to have a picture of Bentleys mom and dad, Bentley was born on August 4th.. I also would like to have the name of an excellent boarding facility for when be come back on November 1st. I am very picky because he's worth it!

Thank you for such a special little boy



Hi Joy,

I just wanted to give you another update on our dog, Gunner.  He is nearly two years old, about 9 pounds, and doing fabulously!  We have since moved to our first house and he loves it here.  He adjusted to the house very well and has been enjoying the new places we go on walks.  He has become quite the watchdog and lets us know right away if someone or something is close to the house.  He especially loves the new large windows that let in the sun so he can get lots of light. He continues to be well-crate trained and socialized. He does so well with my nephews, the only downside being Gunner's affectionate kisses on the mouths of the boys! Here's another picture of our two-year old puppy. One thing that he really doesn't like is the snow! We got so much snow here in Fulton that he can't even walk in it without getting stuck.  He is doing well with the spot we cleared off for him outside, but he'll like it better when he can roam more freely!

Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful pet for our family!
Lauren Flaugher


Papitese, Gunner


Yes, I think we made an excellent selection as well! I have had many dogs over my lifetime, and loved them all, but Daisy is just the greatest puppy.  She hasnt gone to the bathroom in her kennel since the first night we brought her home.  She is sleeping all night long (11-6am) without going to the bathroom in the kennel.  She is eating well and playing, then napping in her kennel without a peep.  She is doing so great and the family just adores her. 

      The day that we were at puppystop, I was wondering if you were there and meant to ask, but it was a little crazy. My neice and nephew were with us, so it isnt quite as nuts every day as it was that day.  We have a first grader (who was in school when we were there), a 4 year old, and a 1 year old.  Daisy is so great with all of the kids and they just think she is something special.  I can tell that she is going to be "one of those dogs" that is just special.

     My mom purchased the minischnauzer and he is doing really great as well.  They named him "Wilson".

                                                                                                                         Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!

                                                                                                                                                    -Lindsay Propst



Daisy with her Family


Malti poo puppy owned by Jane Haake and family


Mini Schnauzer, Bella
Mario and Melanie Giordano

Mini Schnauzer, IZZY
wned by  Jenn  Gauch


Dear Joy,


These are the puppies we adopted last July. Adele the tiny female Maltese is the sweetest little girl ever. She likes to go every where with us.  She love everyone.

Neal Oxer Bean the Mini Aussie is full of energy and mischief.  Oxer is a very sweet and shy boy who sleeps with our 15 yrs old every night. He loves his tiny sister very much.


Maltese and Mini Aussie


Charlie, Mal Shi
Owned by Jon and Debra Smith

SADIE, Maltese & Japanese Chin and  Lhasa Apso    

Owned and Adored  by BARTON family 

One Year  Old

Molly, Maltese
Owned by Sherri McFarland

Jetter,  Mal Shi
Owned by Karen and Ben Pugh     


Chop, Maltipoo
Katie and Kevin Rutkowski

Mal Shi,   Lovie
    Owned by Swanson Family


We adopted one of your sweet bichon puppies twelve years ago from the home of Barb Richardson in Lake Winnebago, MO. Our little Gracie was the best dog ever, so loved by our family, and sad to say, she passed away this week.  We are not ready for a new puppy will take us some time as I'm sure you can imagine.  But I've attached Gracie's pedigree and her photo.  Obviously, Gracie's parents are no longer breeding, but I was wondering if you still breed puppies from this bloodline. Gracie looked very much like the puppy in the upper left corner of the home page on your website, a sort of stocky little girl with a sweet, loving disposition. I know that these traits are supposed to be attributed to all bichons, but this little dog was incredibly special. I'd appreciate any info you can give me.

Sadly Missed and Always Remembered

Yadi, Owned by Jenna Lueckenhoff

Kipper Owned by AllieTipton

Chorkies Owned by Thomas Woods & Family
St Louis, MO


We just wanted to let you know we have enjoyed our MIni Black Schaunzer (Mitchell) --from your Puppy Stop back in August of 2010. He has brought us a whole lot of joy.

Sincerely, Lisa


Lovie (Shih Tzu)
Owned by the Swanson Family
Lake of the Ozarks

Cotton and his friend
Owned by Lesa Foster

Charlie (Malshi) Owned by the Smith Family
Centralia, MO

I write this email to update you on our newest puppy Corona, a multi colored long hair Chihuahua we purchased from your store in December. I was so pleased to find your store and the condition of how the puppies were cared for, it is obvious you live these animals as much as their future families do. I have attached a few photos of Corona, as you will see she is spoiled rotten and loves every minute of it. (

Ingrid Monson


Hello there =)
I just wanted to email you and let you know how our new puppy is doing. We adopted "Rhonda", who we have now named Asha and she is doing wonderful! She is such a little joy to have around and always keeps us laughing with her goofy little personality. She is eating well and even doing really good with potty training =) She has a vet appointment on Friday for a wellness exam, though I'm sure everything will be fine =) We're already planning on coming back in the next few months to adopt a second one lol. Thank you for our wonderful little girl, we just love her to pieces! Have a great day!
Britney Loggains

Hi Joy!
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you Thankyou so much for blessing my life with my handsome little man! I am so happy with him he is perfect for me in every way! I don't know if you get follow up emails often but I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have found you and him!! Thankyou for making my life so much happier and filled with love!!
Ashley Berry
(Frankie's Mommy)


We had the best Christmas in history with our little boys!
They have been doing soo great! They have been eating and drinking like champs, they LOVE carrots & broccoli! We have been working on the potty training, they are very quick learners. I should have taken your advice with the exercise pen, we went and purchased one the very next day :)
They are so perfect and we couldn't be happier to have them in our lives! We did change their names however (their names were very cute but these seem to get their attention) Hershey is now Charlie and Fudge is now Rico. I have included a few pictures of them. Steven's mother was so excited she bought them Christmas hats and jingle bells for a quick photo opt. Thank you for forever & ever!

Much love and appreciation!

- Steven & Mary


I just wanted to say thank you! Roxy (formerly Cubby Bear) is the sweetest puppy I have ever met! She did great on her first night and the children absolutely adore her!! Many people have already asked me for your contact info because they want one just like her!

Thanks again!

Hi, Joy… 

This is Sue Stillwagon, and I’m the one who has been stalking your store forever. I stopped in yesterday, but you weren’t at the shop.  Two weeks ago tomorrow, my son-in-law brought home one of the bichon-maltese little girls.

 I want you to know how sweet that little puppy is, and how much she is loved!! 

 “Daisy” loves people, and she is fantastic with the grandkids.  The entire extended family absolutely adores her!!

 I’ve attached a few photos, hope you enjoy them.

 Thank you so much,
Sue Stillwagon
, St. Louis, MO

Harley in his Harley Hat
Owned by Trinastich Family

Bogey, 8 Years Old
Owned by Cathy Willman, Wisconsin
Bichon Frise

Owned by Lauren and Garret Gutting

Pete, Miniautre Schnuazer
Owned by Jamie & Dennis Hercules

Owned by Carol Hapke
Miniature Schnauzer

STANLEY, KC Missouri
Owned by Bradley Bruce
Miniature Schnauzer

Hi Joy, hope you're doing well.  Lucky turned 3 on December 1st.  Attached is a photo of him sitting in the leaves last month.  He's such an amazing member of our family and I'm constantly grateful we have him.

Happy holidays and stay warm!

Corazon Pearson
Washington State


Morkie  "TERRI"  Owned by Yesenia  Nieves, New Jersey
TRIBUTE to  Mackinaw, Bichon Frise 
We picked our Mackinaw up when he was 8 weeks old, on 9-17-97.  We were on a vacation to Mackinaw Island when he was born and that is how he received his name.   Our family has been devastated by the loss.  I am going to attach a picture of a cloud that we saw while boating and it looks exactly like him.  He was letting us know dogs do go to heaven and not to worry.  The sky was perfectly blue except for one cloud and it was almost like a playful puppy picture as a whole but I cropped it and it was exactly like our Mackinaw's face. 

Hi Joy,
My husband and I adopted Moku from your store on April 29
th this year. He is just perfect. We are loving every day with him. Just last week we took him to the mountains of Tenn. He loved it. When we first adopted him, he would get car sick, now he loves the car.

Of course, you don’t know who “Moku “ is by name. He is a black silky chin that you bred.

We are so happy with him. He seems to be thriving and is loving his days. He is very smart. He gets along famously with our 2 cats. When we go to our family’s farm, he has a wonderful time running around with the other dogs. He likes the sheep—but we keep him at a distance from them!

Thank you for giving Moku such a wonderful start in life. You and your staff did a WONDERFUL job!

Julia and Mike Gondro

Hi Joy,
I have been remiss in keeping you updated with photographs of our littel Millie. She has added such joy to al lof our lives. This photo was taken in Central Park, NYC when Millie was visiting our daughter in the city.
I promise to send updates on a regular basis so you can see what how happy and healthy Millie is and how much she is loved.
Be well,
Karen Z.

Millie, Shih Chon (Teddy Bear)

(Morkie) SUZIE Q Owned by Kim

(Shorkie) TEDDY BEAR owned by Cindy Yi

Annie (playing with her BIG friend)
Owned by Arlo Junk

Hi Joy,

We adopted Conner this past summer and received him from you around the end of June.  I just wanted to thank you so much for the little bundle of joy!  My family of five absolutely adores Conner (we kept his original name) and he brings so much joy and life to our household.  We just wanted to say thank you for providing him to us.  I give out your website from time to time to friends who comment on him or show an interest in a terrier breed.  Maybe someday we will have a friend or neighbor with another one of your puppies!  Thanks again and best wishes for a happy holiday season!

Lisa Hansinger

Joy -
I just wanted to update you on our new puppy we bought from you on May 25th!  We have
named her Bella ..... and she is such a joy! 
I hope you are able to see the attached photo .... she is adorable!  and has a wonderful
personality!   And we want to thank you for your tips on potty training and her "routine"..
that has been a lifesaver!
Suzanne .... and Bella!
Osage Beach

Pap-Tese owned by Alyce Wexler,
 Louisville KY
Zues and Ricco

Roxy (Shorkie)
Owned by Natalie Kolar

GUNNER is a Pap-Tese  hybrid..  
owned by Lauren and Joe Flaugher
Fulton MO
Hi!  I have been meaning to get in touch with you and let you know how things are going.  Elly is doing great!  She is doing really well on the potty training.  We had a friend that told us of the bell on the doorknob method and decided to give it a try.  She is doing WONDERFUL!  We still have a couple of mishaps but I really think it is because we didn't notice that she rang the bell or where in a different room at the time.  My daughter has a Chihuahua and they absolutely LOVE each other! Elly did well at the vets and got the last of her shots.  she loves her toys and loves her family.  Favorite treat is carrots. 
Take care and have a WONDERFUL new year!
We enjoyed stopping by your store last Wednesday.  My kids thought it was great to see where their dog came from and really enjoyed playing with the puppies you had on hand.
I have attached a picture of our "Chewie".  He was born on 3-16-09 and we got him in early Sept. of 2009.  He has been a great dog with a great disposition.
We would be interested in buying another puppy.  I think our success with getting a teenage puppy the last time would be the route we would want to go again.  If I recall correctly, you had the Poo-Shon that was a little older....
Eric Griessel
Hi Joy,

I wanted to send you pictures of our Mal-shih we purchased from you last June.  Oliver turned 1 year old on April 14 so I thought you would enjoy seeing the great dog he turned into. 

Thank you,

Kaitlin Hinkle and Tyler Witges
I wanted to write to you and send this photo of Ginger, a maltipoo that we purchased from you in October 2009. It is hard to believe that Ginger will  two years old in June.  She is the sweetest and most loving dog.  She brings us great joy and is such good companionship.  Ginge is a real sweetheart and has a wonderful personality!  Our lives are so much better having Ginger in it.  She is everything you said she was, and more.  We love her so much!
Cathy and Richard DeLong of Massachusetts


Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for the wonderful little Morkie, “Izzy”, I adopted from you on January 1, 2010.  She is one year old today.  She has been the joy of my life, as I have now retired.  She is a sweet companion and brings me much pleasure.  She still sleeps in her kennel at night in my bedroom and has never whined or cried to get out.  She loves my grandchildren and is always so glad when they come over to visit.  She weighs about 5 ½ pounds and still likes her veggies as well as her chicken chunks and dry dog food. 

So thank you again – I have recommended you to several people who were looking for a pet!!

Sincerely,  Sharon Burrell

Hi Joy,

Well, made it home..... Here's something funny.  My husband does not really like animals much.  I'm the animal lover and so are my kids.  Guess who fell asleep in his recliner with Zoe on his lap, both sleeping?  He seems to really like her.  I'm so glad we came today... I'll keep you posted on how she's doing.  Here are some pictures.  Thanks again!

Zoe's Family,
Scott, Jennifer, Sierra and Silas

Abi       Abi    
Abi, Bichon Frise
Owned By: Peggy Riggs
I wanted to email you an update on a puppy that I purchased in April 2009.  He is a Morkie named Charlee.  We kept the name, It suited him perfectly.  He was born Jan 20th, so with his 1st birthday coming up I thought I should update you on how he has been.  He is amazing.  He has brought so much happiness to our family.  He is so smart and loving.  He gets along with all walks of life and turns heads everywhere we go.  I have given out your name to more people than I can count because of our little man that you have blessed us with.  My friend, not too long ago, adopted a maltipoo from you named Ginger. They kept her name as well! 
Both myself and my fiancé want to thank you so very much. 
Take Care,
Westie, Bo Jangles

My husband and I purchased one of your westie puppies through Barb Richardson in Missouri in 2000. "Bo Jangles" is definitely the light of  our lives and, without a doubt, my very best friend! There could never be a pet more delightful, loyal or loving than a Westie! Thank you so much!

Westie, Bo Jangles
Hey Joy,
I don't know if you remember me, we haven't talked in a while, but my name's Izabela and I purchased Toby from you. (previously Reggie) He's the Malti-poo I got from you in October of 08. I have been meaning to give you an update but just been kinda busy around here lately. Toby is our little boy. He is soo spoiled and loved just as much. He's a crazy little guy, but so fun to have around. He makes everyday exciting, and he is such a love bug. He gives kisses when we ask and he cuddles with me and my boyfriend. He sleeps above our heads every night. He is so attached to us it's adorable. I am so happy I got him from you, it was really scaring ordering a dog online but you made the experience so amazing, you even sent me the best dog food attached to his cage because you knew it was expensive and hard to find. I have never met a breeder so involved in the process and so involved with each and every puppy. You answered all of my 1000 questions, I was like a new nervous mommy and you gave the best advice. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a loving pet. Here are some pictures of Toby.
-Izabela, David
  Westie  Westie, Maya  Westie, Wilson
Dear Joy,

Needless to say how our lives have been changed since we added Gigi in our family ?  She's now the Joy of the family, and her granny and Mom are both very happy, same as all friends who are coming to meet her with gifts and toys ...  please see a pic of last week (she's growing every day ).

I've tried to follow your instructions and feeding schedule very tightly.  She enjoys her alternative food better than dry food, although sometimes I delay it to push her to eat dry food.  So far everything is great, she's a playful puppy, smart and surrounded by care and love.  She likes to take a nap in the living room facing her Granma and Mom when they're both watching TV, but she knows that she has to take naps and bedtime in her crate and there she goes without much protesting.

I've made an appointment with a local Vet for her second shots on 3 November. 

Thank you Joy for bringing this Joy to our family. 

With best regards,
Ashley with Gracie
I wanted you to see pictures of our precious little girls on their first birthday, Oct. 5.  We had white cup cakes and vanilla ice cream and the girls wore paper crowns since they were the "Guests of Honor".  The crowns didn't stay on very long, and the cupcakes and ice cream gave them diarrhea the next day, BUT they totally enjoyed eating it.  They also got all the gourmet doggie bones they could eat all day long, and they got new chewy bones for gifts.  Some people say we "spoil" our animals, but we really don't, we just love them like family. 
Birthday Girls!
Yes, Pebbles is a MaltiPoo that came from your kennel back in 2005 (her BD is 7/9/05; she flew on 9/11/05). 
I don't watch much TV, but a friend told me to turn it on one day to see a show.  I stopped searching for the show and kept the TV on whatever station it landed on.  I wasn't really watching it, but heard the commercial for the contest advertised.  I jotted down the Web site and checked it out later in the day.  It was almost like I was meant to have the TV on that day to find out about the contest.  It would be so cool for her to win, she's the best!!
Pebbles, Maltipoo
Maltipoos  Toy Poodle, Kitra  Toy Poodle, Stella 
Hi Joy,
On the 2ND of January Bebe, Lady Bug and I went to the Animal Fitness Center in Union for her checkup...

 She is such a delight and Lady Bug is really enjoying her company too.  She is my little baby and I would not part with her even if someone came up to me and offered a Million Dollars for her.  I'm hooked.
Here are some pictures of Bebe and the girls around the Holidays.  Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years.  Talk to you later.
Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe
Bebe, Toy Poodle
Gigi & Ringo, Toy Poodles  Westie  Bichon Frise, Cosmo & Camden

Hey Joy!!!

I just wanted to let you know that Roxy is doing great...She is such a great dog, and we are thrilled with her.. She is almost housebroken and she is wonderful with the kids and everyone that comes in our home. Thank you so much for doing such a great job with her in the beginning.

Jana Smith

Westie, Cocoa


 I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy we are with our Westie, Coco, that we got from you in March this year. I was skeptical about driving 8 hours to get a puppy I had not seen in person, but we absolutely adore her and could not imagine a better Westie. She is adorable as evidenced in the photos and has the sweetest, spunky personality. She has even won over my husband, who was not a fan of getting a dog, but turns to a pile of mush as soon as Coco runs over with a toy in her mouth to play. Coco usually prances around the house with her favorite stuffed rabbit in her mouth. Coco also has my husband well trained as she often rolls over for a belly rub at his feet and he obliges with a big smile on his face.

Thanks so much.

Happy Holidays,

 Brenna Marlin and family, husband Guy and son Matthew

Westie, Cocoa

May 2000- May 2010
In Loving Memory of Simba....

It all started on a family vacation to Florida in 2000.  My husband, Roy and I had always agreed that we would not have an inside dog. Things changed when I met a little Shih Tzu who stole my heart at first glance....
We would love him abundantly and make all of his wishes came true.  He was the most perfect Shih Tzu ever. Let us introduce you to our precious, Chi He Shou Wo Richardson (Simba).

That's fine if you want to use us at a reference, we would be glad to help you in any way that we can!!!!  You produce great dogs.  And trust me buying her out of state was very scary, but I would do it all over again!!

Dear Joy,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that our new addition is doing great and has become a wonderful part of our family (says everyone except the cat who has not quite warmed up yet).  Here are a couple shots of Sophie with big brother Archie.  Thanks so much for everything!
Sophie & Archie, Westies

Hi Joy:

 It's a been a long time! Beignet is doing great and is as spunky as ever!  We wanted to pass along some recent pictures of him. One of them is his graduation from obedience training. He was so happy that day!!!

 Hahahahaha! In the picture you can see I'm holding his cap on his head!  There are also some other pictures of him. As you can see, we're really enjoying him.

 Have a great day!

 Julie & Michael Breaux


Just an update on our sweet boy Harvey...what a wonderful addition to our family.
Thank You
Christmas was wonderful

Trish S Ralph
Hi Joy.........wanted to let you know that Daisy is doing great and getting use to Florida.  We went to a dog friendly park and beach on the Gulf of Mexico and she had a lot of fun and can swim!!!!!!!!  Sending you some pics of her.  We go riding on our bikes and since she can't run as fast as we bike we got a dog backpack so she can go with us. We will be taking her to obedience training sometime this month. 

I do have a old should she be to get her first haircut?

Hope everything is fine with you.

Westie, Daisy
Westie, Daisy 
Hi Joy,
Mia had her first grooming today at the vet office, and she was not impressed with getting cut or having her ear hair removed.  She is really cute now!  (Pictures included)
Have a good weekend!
Mia, Bichon Frise
Bichon Frise 
As I was looking though your great site I noticed updates on the adopted babies you so beautifully breed for us.  We bought our first (and thus far only) Bichon Frise, Teddi Bear Blair, from you on Christmas Eve of 1994!  I have never experienced such amazing allegiance, joy and comfort she has brought to our Family.  When my Dad was so ill she went to the hospital and the nursing home visiting with everyone as if she had been trained to do so.  She has been an awesome gift in our lives as my health declines. Her only health problems are her allergies for which she receives monthly injections and now is loosing her sight to cataracts.  She is still strong willed, loving and once in a while does her Bichon Buzz. A simple thank you will never be sufficient, but we will be back to see you for another Bichon baby when the time comes. 

Bichon Frise, 15 Years Old
Teddi Bear
Dear Joy,

Romeo arrived safe and sound on Friday.  He is absolutely a beautiful, healthy dog with a wonderful disposition.  I brought him to the vet on Saturday morning and they gave him a glowing bill of health and told me that you took great care of him.  Several of the staff at the vet's office came in the room to visit him because word spread that he was such cutie.

I have an amazing and unexpected turn to the story....on Saturday, I brought the dog to my parents' house where he was greeted by a flock of my nieces and extended family.  Two of the little girls in my sister-in-law's family (ages 6 and 8), have had extreme allergic reactions to puppies they have had in the past.  Coincidently, they had been looking at a yorkie just the week before, and had wanted to see Romeo.  I was going to an event on Saturday night, so they asked if they could babysit for Romeo -- more specifically, their mother wanted to see if they would be allergic to him.  No doubt you have guessed what happened -- they absolutely fell in love with him and have had no allergic reaction.  One thing led to another, and I decided to give them Romeo.  

I've taken some pleasure in knowing that I have made two little girls very happy, but am feeling very emotional at the same time.  The fact that I will get to see him once in a while is comforting.  I don't know that I am ready to think about another dog, but if and when I am, I will be sure to contact you.  Again, Romeo is such a beautiful dog, and I can't thank you enough for helping to bring him into our lives.

Warmest Regards,


Merry Christmas Joy

Attached you will find a few pictures of the newest addition to our family..Sasha.  I let me daughter name her.   The first day has been pretty good. I’ve laid the ground rules down to my daughter.  She did pretty good.    She seems to like outdoors. She’s good with the crate and loves to play....

I hope you and your family had a merry Christmas.  Also, Jean is wonderful.  Like you she has been a pleasure to work with.

Shih Tzu, Sasha 
Tribute to Bogey...

I found your website and wanted to write to let you know we purchased a Shih Tzu from you back in 1991.  He was the last pick of the litter and what a sweetheart he was!  He was born in April of 1991.  He became ours in July.  He was tan, black and white.  We named him Bogey.   He brought us 17 years of unconditional love and joy.  We miss him dearly.  He passed away last July.  It still seems like yesterday.  He had a wonderful life and was still very spunky for an elderly dog. 

Terri Beaubeaux
Shih Tzu, Bogey

Shih Tzu, Bogey 
Hi Joy,
Hope you had a good weekend.  Just wanted to send you a picture of Pat, myself, and little Wrigley (formerly little Bennie) that was taken today.  We're a happy little family of three!  Thank you for such a good puppy!!
Leo  Valentina  Mia  Andrew & Naomi w/ Sophie (Shih Tzu)

Hi Joy,

I hope you’re doing well.   I purchased my Maltese from you, I’m sure you remember.  Brodie is the love of my life! He is just wonderful!  My son and daughter in law are looking for a Maltese puppy, female.  I went on your site and I don’t see any pure Maltese puppies.  I think Maltipoo would be ok too, but do you have any female maltese puppies available or will you in the near future?

 I’ve attached some  photos of Brodie!

Thanks Joy,
Kim Burton

Hi Joy,
    I've been meaning to e-mail or call you. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get you an update on our new baby.
    First let me say Zoey fits in so wonderfully with our little family! As I told you on the phone a few weeks ago, we also have a 90 lb. yellow lab (Chopper). They LOVE each other!! He will get his rope and lay down with it and let Zoey pull on it! It is so adorable. Zoey also enjoys chasing our cat, Chase. Chase also enjoys chasing Zoey since they are about the same size. It kind of seems I adopted a new pet for my pets. Ha ha!
    Potty training is going very well. I have recently read an article on how to train your dogs to ring a bell when they have to go out. It started out slow, but is coming along nicely!   
    Thanks a bunch!! We love our puppy soo MUCH!! And doing business with you was a wonderful experience. I don't think I told you, but I called about 30 breeders the day I called you and you were the nicest and the most informative one! That was really my deciding point in which to buy the puppy from you. So, thank you!!
   Emily Ely  Maltese 2007

Me & Zoey
Hi  folks,   
Attached photos were taken  June 2007  when Tobie turned 4 months old.   He was so proud after his first haircut!   We saved  the  hair from his  first groom for our puppy baby book!    

Linda and Wayne Porath     Missouri   Toy Poodle  2007
Thanks for all your help in providing us with ANOTHER cutie pie.   He is sooooo perfect!   We are thinking of Tobie for his name.

Mary  Borges       Maltipoo    St Louis     2007
Here is my little Luna.  She is quite the character with a very strong personality!  One minute she is out of control with energy & the next she is cuddling.  As of this past Saturday she weighed 3.4 lbs and is 4 months old.  Ray & I just can't get enough of her. Although I will say having a very small dog is EXCELLENT birth control.  The 3:30am trips outside to go potty when it is 40 degrees are no fun!!  Sorry mom........
Happy Easter Everyone!!
Becca Scacchetti     maltese    Ohio   2007
She is doing good, she went to football practice tonight.  She had fun playing with the kids and my friends little Yorki-Poo who is about 6 mos.  She loves toilet paper, and towels I have to keep them out of her reach...   What do you do to discipline them for chewing?    We have been clapping loud and telling her NO!  But she is a bit stubborn sometimes.  I don't want to spat her, what do you recommend?  She is so quiet at night, it is hard to believe she is in the house.  She is also a loving girl, all that out weighs her stubborn streak.
I will send new photos as she grows.  Thanks for being so great.  I can tell you really love your babies.  It really shows in her.
Your New Friend,
Amy  Soltys       Welsh Terrier     Tennessee     2007

Gabe in Shades

Gabe & Suzy in the media... our local paper does a pet section every

year. This is 2007 edition.

Karen Fesler . Iowa

Cosmo Shih Tzu Missouri

Cosmo Shih Tzu Missouri

Cosmo Shih Tzu in Springfield, Missouri

Honey owned by Gina and Jerry
Hi Joy
Feel free to use us as a reference,  we would be glad to help you in  any way  that we can !!  You produce great dogs. And trust me , buying  her from out of state was very scarey, but i would do it all over again.   We love Claire!    
Kim Gray    Indiana   toy  poodle
Joy --
Five years ago this November, we obtained a bichon puppy from you.  I thought you woud like to know that our bichon, Thomas, is doing wonderfully.  He is a true member of our family.  He went with us to our family 4th of July picnic yesterday, goes to my daughters softball games and likes going with me to take the kids to and from school.
He has a sweet nature and is very patient and at the same time has shown on a couple of occassions his "protective" side.  For example, one night my husband was trying to unstick some windows and was hitting them with the palms of his hand.  My daughter and I were in the room and I think, Thomas thought my husband was mad and he let him know in no uncertain terms he wasn't going to let him harm us. 
Just wanted to say thank you for sharing Thomas with us and wanted to let you know that he is doing great!  He is a really sweatheart!
Marian Cherry
Hi Joy! I am so thrilled with our new puppy! Everything has gone so smoothly. he is at home now and seems to be fitting right in! he is just the most adorable little puppy and such a delight. My daughter and I cannot stop doting on him. We have been everywhere and people ask me where i purchased him. I always refer them to you so hope it brings some positiveness your way. We will send pics as he develops!
Thanks Again,
Sheri Englert