Nursery & Daycare

In the Nursery, the Puppies are our focus… so everything is set up revolving around their care and well -being. A complete kitchen and all linoleum and tile floors. Everything easily cleaned.. Washer , Dryer, microwave, refrigerator… because having things organized and convenient are necessary. We have exercise and playpens inside and a small exercise yard outside… no matter what the weather conditions, we have ample room and location to allow the puppies freedom of exercise. Our goal is to raise a well adjusted social , happy puppy , with a great start here at home! The puppies get all the Attention they deserve and are very SOCIAL and well in tune to kids, and gentle handling. They of course are easily spoiled, and we try hard to love them , but not spoil them too much! They are bathed and groomed, and nails trimmed, ears cleaned as a part of weekly care and maintenance . Having a great sense of cleanliness about their living area… is very important in housebreaking, crate training success. Puppies want to be clean and it all starts in their early weeks and continues in new homes… We do our best to provide the Perfect Arrangements and Spacious Accommodations for our babies !

Every thing is custom made with best interest of the Puppies in mind.

We hope this makes you feel a little more secure about how the puppies are handled and raised.

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